They’re not just the way we do business, they’re how we do life.

Our five core values drive our daily decisions and epitomize who we are as a company and as people. Just working day in and day out to do business — and life — the right way.

With a focus on teamwork, quality craftsmanship, caring heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and, above all else, integrity, our values remain at the core of who we are, and who we have been from day one. No doubt, they’re the reason behind our past successes and will continue to shape our vision for sustained success in the future.

Integrity is our cornerstone. We always tell the truth, keep our promises, and hold ourselves accountable for every decision we make.

Our foundation of teamwork and collaboration builds sustainable relationships with our fellow employees, clients, business partners, and communities.

We take great pride in our craft. Ensuring quality work and following proper safety practices on every job is critical, and what defines every aspect of our work.

Even after all these years, we stand firmly in our entrepreneurial spirit. Our drive to grow and innovate is fueled by our clients and employees alike.

Our team gives with our hearts to the causes we care about, supporting community partners and non-profits with our time and resources. We’re committed to bettering the communities where we work and live.

Our core values, woven into all we do, have become the fabric of who we are as a company, the way we do business, and how we interact with one another and with clients. Nominated by their peers, the annual Living the Values awards honor those who embody these principles and carry out our vision for continued success.

integrity award

Kyle Kitson, MMC Corp

As our Corporate Attorney, Kyle is always working tirelessly to ensure we’re on the right path as a company. He is honest, dependable, and timely, providing legal solutions and advice to our team members when they’re in need of counsel. Kyle makes sure that we’re choosing the right actions and decisions even when they’re not the easiest. Recently, one of our teams was working to complete a challenging and time-sensitive subcontract, and Kyle worked under tight time constraints to ensure we could move forward with the contract successfully. No matter what his schedule looks like, he will always take the time to do what’s right for us, our clients, and our trade partners.

Teamwork award

Tara Ditullio – MMC Contractors

Tara is always willing to support those around her — both in her office and across the nation not only at MMC Contractors but at all our brands. She exemplifies teamwork by stepping in to help when and where it’s needed, taking on additional tasks to see a project or challenge through to an end solution. In a recent display of teamwork, Tara helped fellow a brand manage billing processes in a time of short staffing. Her actions reminded us all of the interconnectedness of our brands, and the great things we can accomplish when we work together and leverage the Power of Our Oneness.

Quality Craftsmanship Award

Andrew Andersen – MMC Contractors

Andrew goes above and beyond in his work to provide for our clients, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. His attention to detail is second to none, and he is meticulous in the way he works. A client from St. Mary’s Hospital in Nebraska City wrote to tell Andrew’s supervisors of the incredible quality craftsmanship he provides time and time again for the hospital. Andrew is always willing to do whatever needs to be done to see to the needs of the client and services equipment until it looks and runs like new. He goes above and beyond to make sure things are done correctly, and his clients know when Andrew says a job is done, they know it has been done right. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit award

Seth Boyer – MMC Contractors

Seth possesses an innate desire to improve and does a good job of asking “why,” and often challenges the status quo to see if there are ways in which he can enhance existing processes to make things safer and more efficient for both teams in the field and fab shop. The way the fab shop he manages runs like an assembly line and a well-oiled machine is a testament to his constant innovation. Seth takes the successes of his fellow team members and works to expand them further for the betterment of everyone. He recently did just that to increase efficiency in the fabrication of plastic solvent weld joints used in a client’s designs.

Caring Heart Award

Salado Cleanup

This team — comprised of Benny Byers, Angela Fisher, Gabe Le, Zach Lund, Bailey Millican, Ryan Myers, Zach Rickard, Mark Sitz, Eric Stone, Josh Thomas, and Brady Woods —came together to help families in the Salado, Texas, community rebuild after an F3 tornado ripped through the neighborhood. They got two skid steers donated and went to work clearing away the debris and devastation caused by the storm. One of the first families they helped was that of a trade partner whose house had been destroyed by the tornado. This team exemplified Caring Heart in coming together quickly in a time of crisis to support a community in need.