They’re not just the way we do business, they’re how we do life.

Our five core values drive our daily decisions and epitomize who we are as a company and as people. Just working day in and day out to do business — and life — the right way.

With a focus on teamwork, quality craftsmanship, caring heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and, above all else, integrity, our values remain at the core of who we are, and who we have been from day one. No doubt, they’re the reason behind our past successes and will continue to shape our vision for sustained success in the future.

Integrity is our cornerstone. We always tell the truth, keep our promises, and hold ourselves accountable for every decision we make.

Our foundation of teamwork and collaboration builds sustainable relationships with our fellow employees, clients, business partners, and communities.

We take great pride in our craft. Ensuring quality work and following proper safety practices on every job is critical, and what defines every aspect of our work.

Even after all these years, we stand firmly in our entrepreneurial spirit. Our drive to grow and innovate is fueled by our clients and employees alike.

Our team gives with our hearts to the causes we care about, supporting community partners and non-profits with our time and resources. We’re committed to bettering the communities where we work and live.

Our core values, woven into all we do, have become the fabric of who we are as a company, the way we do business, and how we interact with one another and with clients. Nominated by their peers, the annual Living the Values awards honor those who embody these principles and carry out our vision for continued success.

Integrity Award

Susan Laughlin – MMC Corp

Susan oversees the Payroll team for the organization, and though she and her team have faced several changes and some challenges in the past year, they’ve all stepped up to the plate to ensure that not only does everyone companywide receive their paycheck each week, but that other requests are met in a timely manner, too. In a true testament to their integrity, Susan and her team members have worked extra hours consistently to ensure our people have what they need, including tax information, employment verification, and other document requests. Susan is a selfless leader who consistently prioritizes the needs and well-being of her team and everyone in the company.

Teamwork Award

John Torres – MW Builders

John has always been a team player, willing to perform any task required to support his fellow team members and the project at hand — even when it’s not the job he’s currently assigned to. In a recent display of his dedication to the team’s collective success, John gave up his weekend to travel from a jobsite in Indiana to one in Florida to help a project team build a crane pad. He arrived at the jobsite straight off an early-morning flight to ensure his team had what they needed by Monday morning to stay on schedule before returning to his jobsite in Indiana.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Heavy Metal Summer Experience Team – MMC Contractors

This team — comprised of Mark Janning, Doug Hicklin, Kaitlyn Radde, and several other volunteers at MMC Contractors – Omaha — came together to bring the nationally-known Heavy Metal Summer Experience (HMSE)
to the Midwest for the first time. This three-week summer camp introduces a group of students to hands-on learning opportunities about various trades. The team identified this program as the perfect way to support the need for workforce development and to introduce young people to mechanical construction. Together, the team arranged field trips, sessions with subject matter experts, and even hosted the program’s graduation. Their actions made a positive impact on the community and the future of the trades.

Caring Heart Award

Darin Hansen – MW Builders

Darin consistently puts others before himself and uses his caring heart to make a difference for those in need in his community every day. In addition to being a great teammate, he regularly makes time to support nonprofits in the community, organizing volunteer opportunities, and encouraging others to get involved. Darin goes above and beyond to support Inclusion Connections and Variety KC, organizations that support children and young adults with disabilities in the greater Kansas City region. Recently, Darin played a large part in Inclusion Connections’ location remodel, using his experience in the construction industry to create a positive impact, and has led a fundraising campaign for them.

Quality Craftsmanship Award

F1 Team – MMC Contractors

The Formula 1 project team in Las Vegas showed incredible dedication and commitment to completing their scope of work for the November 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix event. This entire project build duration lasted 11 months — from preconstruction to race day — and saw several design changes and last-minute additions to ensure everything was perfect for the event drivers and spectators. The F1 project team met every challenge day or night with unparalleled quality craftsmanship as they worked around the clock on this project and remained on-site and available throughout the event itself to ensure a successful race and event experience.