True leaders have more than a title. They inspire and strive for greatness.

At MMC Corp, we provide the services and strategy that our offices need in order to do what they do best: build strong communities and lasting relationships with clients. Under the guidance of our CEO, Tim Chadwick, and alongside our office presidents, our department leaders find solutions to make our organization better and stay focused on what really matters – supporting our people in the field who represent our strong brands across the country.

Tim Chadwick

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Evelyn


Dustin DeWitt

Chief Financial Officer

Jacob Vogel

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Woodson

Chief People Officer

Erica Jones

VP of Marketing

David Lauck

VP of Info Systems and Technology

Tate Tyree

Director of Corporate Risk Management

“I am a firm believer in training your replacement, from top to bottom. It’s how I went from project engineer right out of college to CEO 25 years later — and it’s the way we will continue to develop future leaders from within to sustain our success as an organization.”

tim chadwick